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Being a part of this cooperative is so much fun!

Milford Cooperative Preschool

What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a group of people working together towards a common goal. Ours, to providing the youngest members of our community with hands on, real life experiences that teach the importance of community involvement and being a good citizen, while building confidence, independence and a love for learning that stays with them throughout their lives. 

All MCP families are members and the community is founded on active participation from all. Parents enrich the preschool program by lending their special talents and abilities, while finding their own lives enriched by the connections they make with other families and staff at the school. At the Milford Cooperative Preschool, we aren’t just a school, we’re a family! Whether it’s working on enrichment projects, assisting in the classroom, attending social events, or just chatting while the kids play in the yard at pick up, MCP is a place where lasting friendships are made! 

The Benefits of our Cooperative

You are WELCOMED part of your child’s education

Because our school is a cooperative,  parents volunteer for a few hours in the classroom, two days per semester! They get to see first hand what students do all day, how they socialize and also get to witness many heartwarming interactions common in preschool!

Easier transitions to a school setting

Parents have the option of leading their child into school each morning and helping them unpack and ready for their day (drop off is also offered). This set up leads to an easier transition for both students and parents. Being able to see your child in the classroom offers comfort to many as well!

Children learn by example how to work as a team

Children become a part of and learn the value of a supportive community. They learn the importance being suppportive, being supported and of teamwork and incorporate it into their daily lives!

Unique experiences courtesy of Coop families

The cooperative offers exciting opportunities for students to learn! In addition to their normal preschool curriculum, students have been visited by a hobby farmer and her chickens, participated in a lego car assembly line (facilitated by a process engineer) and watched an industrial engineer sketch up an aeronautical prototype based on their specifications!

Lifelong friendships are made by entire families!

The format offers many opportunities to build friendships, not only for students, but also for parents. By volunteering in the classroom, parents are able to learn the personalities of and develop relationships with other children and their families!

join our cooperative

What does it take?

Don’t worry! Membership is easy (and fun)! Every family enrolled in the multiage preschool program is a member of our cooperative. Unlike most Cooperative Preschools, we are fully staffed with teachers to fulfill our legal ratio requirements,  parents are involved to offer enrichment by the utilization of their special talents and skills, or to enjoy time in the classroom as a classroom helper. 

Cooperative members of the multiage preschool classes are required to attend 2 General Membership meetings and Parent Orientation. They must participate in 4 parent volunteer sessions in the classroom per semester and hold a parent job or be on a committee (for example: plan parties with the social committee). 

We were so lucky to find this gem

“...The school is actively involved in the community and has developed a loving, socially responsible, and accepting home for our young boys....” - Amanda


I would recommend MCP to any family!

“... The teacher's meet the children where they are in their development journey and build relationships with every family...I would recommend MCP to any family!” 

- Josh


The teachers take an individual interest in my children's needs

“... I wanted my kids to slowly be introduced to a school/social environment. My family has been with MCP for 3 years now and my kids could not be happier there... ”

- Kathryn

The real world experiences cannot be duplicated!

"The teachers at MCP are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. My son has blossomed here. The creative play and real-world toys and experiences simply cannot be duplicated in another school setting."

- Jason

You will be amazed at how much their little hearts will be nurtured!

"….We can't even begin to describe how remarkable this school is. You will be amazed at how much your child will learn, how much their little hearts will be nurtured, and how much fun they will have!"

- Laura

Amazing, creative, child centered

"Amazing, creative, child centered....a place where little learners are nurtured!"

- Nicole

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