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Engaging, exciting, non-stop action…there isn’t one singlular thing that describes learning at the Milford Cooperative Preschool! Using High Scope teaching methods in a cooperative, community supported learning environment, we provide an active, immersive, and participatory approach to learning. By combining key classroom ingredients: material, manipulation, choice, communication and adult support, children build knowledge through their own experiences, as a result, learning HOW to learn while building self confidence and independence. 

Lovingly known as “MCP”, our school has been a member of the Milford community since 1949, when it was founded by a group of grandmothers. Located at 525 Hickory St (behind the old stone church) in downtown Milford, today we are a certified 501 (3) c non-profit organization run by an enthusiastic group of teachers and parents who are dedicated to providing an active education that focuses on the importance of community as we support and enrich the community that has done the same for us since 1949.   


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Reasons to Love our Preschool

Caring, Qualified Teachers

Small Class Sizes, Low Ratios

Comfortable, Nurturing  Environment

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We're Hands On

A hands on curriculum develops curiosity, imagination and exploration which helps children better understand the world around them! Combining key classroom ingredients: material, manipulation, choice, communication and adult support; children are able to build knowledge through their own experiences resulting in self confidence and independence.

We learn through exploration & play

Research shows play-based learning enhances childrens ability to succeed developmentally and academically!  Time spent playing is not a reward, it’s an important part of learning!

We learn through unique experiences

The cooperative format of our school and our presence in the downtown Milford community for 70 years offer many learning opportunities that are unique to us courtesy of cooperative parents, supportive community members, and our teachers!

We work together

As members of the cooperative, children see their parents working together to plan parties, maintain the building, and enrich the school. They learn by example and incorporate the things they’ve seen into their daily routines.

We help each other

Older children in the multiage class have the opportunity to serve as mentors and to take on leadership roles.  They help younger children are able to accomplish tasks they could not do without the assistance of older children,  increasing both children’s level of independence.

We make lasting friendships!

The cooperative format means that students AND their families make friendships that will last a lifetime!

Support MCP!

as a 5013c non profit organization, your donations help us to provide education and enrichment to our community

Community Involvement

Learning from and Giving Back to the Community

Our cooperative format, community presence since 1949 and location in downtown Milford offer us many opportunities for unique, real life learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in another school setting. Fully immersed in the Milford community, students learn the importance of building a community, enriching the community, and giving back to the community, by example.  

building our community

We love our Cooperative!

The cooperative format offers exciting and engaging opportunities for students to learn about the world around them, while offering parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s education. In addition to their normal preschool curriculum, students have been visited by a hobby farmer and her chickens, participated in a lego car assembly line (facilitated by a process engineer) and watched an industrial engineer sketch up an aeronautical prototype based on their specifications!

Every member of our Multiage Preschool Program is a member of our Cooperative. Membership is easy (and fun)! We are fully staffed with teachers to fulfill our legal ratio requirements,  parents are involved to offer enrichment by the utilization of their special talents and skills, or to enjoy time in the classroom as a classroom helper.  

We were so lucky to find this gem

“...The school is actively involved in the community and has developed a loving, socially responsible, and accepting home for our young boys....” - Amanda


I would recommend MCP to any family!

“... The teacher's meet the children where they are in their development journey and build relationships with every family...I would recommend MCP to any family!” 

- Josh


The teachers take an individual interest in my children's needs

“... I wanted my kids to slowly be introduced to a school/social environment. My family has been with MCP for 3 years now and my kids could not be happier there... ”

- Kathryn

The real world experiences cannot be duplicated!

"The teachers at MCP are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. My son has blossomed here. The creative play and real-world toys and experiences simply cannot be duplicated in another school setting."

- Jason

You will be amazed at how much their little hearts will be nurtured!

"….We can't even begin to describe how remarkable this school is. You will be amazed at how much your child will learn, how much their little hearts will be nurtured, and how much fun they will have!"

- Laura

Amazing, creative, child centered

"Amazing, creative, child centered....a place where little learners are nurtured!"

- Nicole

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FAt the Milford Cooperative Preschool we care about the education and well being of our students, as well as other members of the community. Our facility allows us to host a multitude of unique activities and opportunities for members of the community of all ages! Visit us on Facebook to learn about our upcoming events!  

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