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Fun...exciting...engaging...non-stop action...describes learning at Milford Coop. Using the High Scope teaching method, we provide an active and participatory approach to learning for ages 2-5. By combining key classroom ‘ingredients’: material, manipulation, choice, communication and adult support, children are able to build knowledge through their own experiences. As a result, children learn HOW to learn... what a wonderful way to begin their education!

We believe that preschool should be a place to:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve interactions with other children and adults
  • Gain knowledge about developmentally appropriate topics.

Teachers, parents and family members help facilitate this type of learning through their involvement in the school and classroom.

When Your Child Comes Home MESSY!

 painting with hands

Red paint in the hair?  Blue paint on the jeans? Sand in the shoes?  White socks look brown?  

Sleeves a little damp?

Learning from more than our Teaching Staff!

During the year we incorporate special visitors into our curriculum.  We bring in experts from many different areas.  Sometimes children are interested in finding out more about a certain subject or experience.  Other times the teaching staff wants to expose the children to new and different things.

Wrestling in Preschool?

What to do when children have the incredible urge to have physical contact with other students?  What happens when they want to wrestle...let them!  What a great large motor activity!  What a vigorous social activity!

Recently we had a situation where the kids wanted to wrestle.  So, Miss Susan laid down the mats in the gym and, under close supervision, we had wrestling matches.  We learned some scratching or hitting and the only place to wrestle was ON THE MAT! for children AND their teachers! essential component of our learning at MCP!  Through play, children experience practicing life...skills, social situations and learning.  The way to engage a child in any activity, but especially one where they are learning, is to make it into PLAY.  EVERYTHING we do at MCP has a learning piece attached to may look like play and lot of fun...but we are always learning along the way!

Follow the Child's lead...Part 2

Creative play props

Following the child's lead shows up in all of our classes at MCP.  It is our effort to empower children in their learning process.


Follow the Child's lead....

Today during Small Group, my group was suppose to go outside to create recipes in our snow kitchen...but it was raining. After brainstorming with the group of students on how we could still make recipes without going outside.  They all decided that we should create 'toy recipes'!  So I went along for the ride...and what a ride it was.  I saw children embracing their idea of this small group...writing, counting, collecting, classifying.  It was rich with learning.  And filled with alot of excitement...because it was THEIR idea....and I just went with it!  It was awesome!

Small Group for Four Year Olds THIS WEEK!

We started a new rotation of small group activities full of excitement, learning and FUN! Small-group times are adult-initiated activities during which children explore materials in their own way with the adult sharing the excitement of their discoveries.  (Adult-initiated means that the teacher plans the materials and the learning experience based on learning content, children’s interests, and their levels of development.)


The Message Board @ Greeting Time

During the first part of our day, the Message Board plays a very important role.  Recently, Cameron was our Star Stander which means he gets a few privileges and his Mom gets to help at the Parent Volunteer.  Cameron decided that he wanted to fill in the messages for the day on the Message Board. This simple dry erase board has amazing learning potential as the children experience letters, numbers, symbols and the art of reading (top to bottom and left to right).

A Cooperative? What does that mean? Part 1

Have you ever wondered what it is like to a part of a Cooperative? 

First of all it gives you the opportunity to be directly involved in your child's educational experience.  Cooperative parents have many opportunities to work in the classroom as a parent volunteer.  

1. This provides a unique opportunity glean ideas from the teachers on ways to work with or talk to your child.

2.  You will have the chance to watch how your child 'works' at school with materials, teachers and fellow students.  


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