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Fun...exciting...engaging...non-stop action...describes learning at Milford Coop. Using the HighScope teaching method, we provide an active and participatory approach to learning for ages 2-5. By combining key classroom ‘ingredients’: material, manipulation, choice, communication and adult support, children are able to build knowledge through their own experiences. As a result, children learn HOW to learn... what a wonderful way to begin their education! Additionally, we believe that preschool should be a great place to increase self-confidence, improve interactions with other children and adults, and gain knowledge about developmentally appropriate topics. Teachers, parents, and family members help facilitate this type of learning through their involvement in the school and classroom


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In the fall of 1949, a group of grandparents and parents began meeting in the basement of, at the time, the new library building. They called themselves the Milford Nursery Group, today, 60+ years later we are known as Milford Cooperative Preschool.

Mrs. Dorothy Eis, was an active participant in the Milford community. She was a frugal and generous woman, who also had a desire for efficiency. After personally funding Milford’s first library, she realized the basement of the new library was not being utilized. With visits to a few local parents, Delores Lovejoy, Ann McCall Bisenken and Margaret Baker, the unused lower level of the library became the first home of Milford Nursery School I (at the time). While the original nursery school roster consisted of whoever could fit into Mrs. Eis’s station wagon, word spread quickly and enrollment grew.

In 1951 the school moved to Milford Presbyterian Church. The school moved again to the Methodist Church on Main Street and again in 1963 to the new Methodist Church on Atlantic Street where it stayed for over 20 years. While at this location, the school became the first licensed nursery school in the Oakland county area.

As the area grew, so did enrollment, as did the demands on teachers in the classrooms. Mrs. Gardner became the new director and the first paid teacher at Milford Nursery school. At some point in the early sixties (the history books are a bit sketchy) the school became known as Milford Nursery School Group II and the program became an official Cooperative Nursery school, run by a parent board of directors.

In the 80’s we saw the name Milford Nursery School become established, we became members of the Greater Detroit Cooperative Nursery Council, which we are still members of today. Our by-laws and constitution were written and the school was incorporated as a non-profit organization.

MCP successfully navigated the journey of owning their own building in 1996, when we became the second cooperative in the state to own a building. After over 20 years at the Methodist Church location, Milford Cooperative bought the building at 525 Hickory Street. With grants from the Kimberly Clark Foundation and the Lula C. Wilson Trust Fund, assistance from the GDCND and the unshakeable dedication of a small group of parents, MCP signed the deal and we had our permanent home.

In 1998 Milford Cooperative Preschool celebrated 50 years of service to Milford and its surrounding communities.

Looking back on our history and the way that our school has changed and grown is proof of the strength of Milford Cooperative Preschool. Over the past 60+ years many teachers, parents and students have passed through our ever changing doors…and they have all left their impression upon us, as we left our impression upon them. For many local children and parents, Milford Cooperative Preschool is the first step into a world of classrooms, teachers and growing up. Parents have realized for years, the gem that lives in the little red school house in downtown Milford, and they will continue for many years to come…

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